Go with the Flow

May 24 2016 0 0

Every month, periods pop up. U by Kotex takes the awkwardness and secret out of our monthly woes, and turned it into a weekend party where we celebrate the joys of womanhood.

Isla Bonita

May 19 2016 27 95

A day spent at the town of Isla Mujeres was a day filled with tranquil idyll. This island of paradise truly transported me to summer state of mind and soul.

Imagine: Especially for You

May 6 2016 61 263

Thankful and blessed to be called mom! My daughters are my biggest pride and joy. They have opened my eye and my heart to a new world. Throughout the years I have learned so much from them, and they have inspired me to follow my heart and my dream.

Be A Bombshell

April 28 2016 40 324

It’s easy to feel like a bombshell, with this knockout scent from Victoria’s Secret. Mother’s Day is just a hop and a skip away. Spritzing on Victoria’s Secret Bombshell for your date night is a romantic way to kick things off.

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