April 11 2015 0 0

With the vast array of brands and styles available, it can get overwhelming to shop sometimes. Luckily, there are brands that you just fall in love with and want to fill your closet with. Lovers + Friends is one such brand. It was love at first sight.


April 6 2015 49 2

It’s been challenging getting dressed these days. Leggings and dresses are the only things that fit me now. I really miss putting on a pair of jeans. Yes, donning a T-shirt and jeans would be nice at this point.


March 30 2015 67 3

Do you have a serious footwear fetish like I do? You probably do. From flats to stilettos, I just love finding a beautiful pair of shoes that I can add to my style repertoire.


March 25 2015 68 5

Sometimes an #OOTD Insta snap isn’t enough. Enter Lyst’s fashion gif maker, “A gif from us to you.” This will take your social media fashion lookbook to the next level, since you can share how your outfit flows and the little details that make your ensemble amazing.


March 9 2015 124 5

Yes, snow days can be dreary and downright depressing. But I choose to stay positive and see it as an opportunity to showcase some on point layering and to show off some fab footwear to boot (pun intended).