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As a jet-setter, there are a few things I never travel without whether for business or for pleasure. And although the destination is almost always worthwhile, I rarely get excited about the plane rides. Let’s be honest – there’s nothing to be excited about when you’re exhausted, jet-lagged, hungry, and your skin is acting up. With that said, there are always a few things you can do to make your flight (or car ride) more enjoyable. Read on for the best travel accessories you never knew existed. All of these are Amazon finds so you can easily get them delivered to your front door.

best travel accessories, thailand travel, luxury travel blogger, stylish travel outfit //

1 Makeup Travel Bag

I’ve never come across a sturdier and budget-friendly makeup case. I’ll be honest – I don’t pack this everywhere I go but there are times when I need to pack a ton of makeup brushes and products for a big event (or even during fashion week). In desperate times, smaller bags just won’t cut it. This one has compartments for brushes and organizers to separate out cheek compacts from eyeshadow. And all the color options are so cute too!

2 Mirror Phone Case

I got a lot of questions about this mirrored iPhone case, which was an Amazon-find and under $10! It’s surprisingly durable! I don’t like to be that girl who’s constantly in the mirror so this case is a perfect way to be subtle about it. I can always check my lipstick or smudged eyeliner!

3 Acne Patch

I get a lot of questions about my skin and don’t want to mislead you guys – I break out a lot more than it seems, especially on long-haul flights. I always pack these acne healing patches, which are perfect for draining pimples and zits. It sticks better than other patches I’ve tried in the past – even when I’ve slathered on moisturizer.

4 On-The-Go Razor

Ever wonder how other people pack razors? I discovered this mini on Amazon and it’s been a total game changer. It’s only about 3″, which is perfect for any travel bag and even the gym. The shorter handle makes it perfect for shaving in tighter spaces too.

best travel accessories, thailand travel, luxury travel blogger, stylish travel outfit //

5 Adaptor Case

As a fashion and travel blogger, packing computer chords, chargers, memory cards, and cables can become too much. This shockproof pouch is perfect for staying organized and it fits conveniently into most handbags. It’s hard on the outside but soft on the inside!

6 5-in-1 Adaptor

I’ve had many adaptors before but this one is by far my favorite. Not only does it fit into outlets in over 150 countries, but it’s also color coded, which makes it so easy to find the adaptor you need for wherever you’re headed. FYI, it comes with 2 USB ports too!

7 Mini Power Strip

This nifty gadget is great if you need to charge multiple phones and a computer. I use most when I’m traveling with the family. I love that it’s so compact and designed with a wrap-around cord – so easy to travel with!

8 Pocket Wifi

When you need an easy and affordable way to access social media, this pocket wifi is a MUST, especially for bloggers. Oftentimes, internet connection isn’t the best overseas and if you’re with a provider like Verizon, then it’s not convenient to use your phone overseas without incurring ridiculous charges. This gadget makes it all possible – plus, it’s secure and shareable among friends and family.

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best travel accessories, thailand travel, luxury travel blogger, stylish travel outfit //

9 Digital Luggage Scale

Have a hard time packing light? Me too, that’s why I got this digital hanging luggage scale. It’s straight forward to use, light, and accurate. Now I know exactly when I need to unpack and repack in order to avoid those hefty baggage fees.

10 Jewelry Storage Case

Anyone ever feel like jewelry is the biggest pain to pack? This storage case lets you pack a ton and keeps everything organized and detangled in the process. From rings to bracelets and necklaces, you’re covered in the jewelry department. I no longer have to worry about tossing this in the check-in bag.

11 Shoe Bags

Shoes are among some of the most difficult to pack. These waterproof nylon bags are perfect when you want to keep your footwear separated from your clothes. It fits 2 pairs of kid shoes and you can also repurpose it to hold other things.

12 Packing Cubes

I mostly use packing cubes when I’m bringing lots of items that I want to keep organized and wrinkle-free. This set is lightweight, durable, and comes in a bunch of cute colors. It’s offers a convenient way to consolidate your bras and delicates.

Etekcity Luggage Scale, Digital Portable Handheld Suitcase Weight for Travel with Rubber Paint, Temperature Sensor, 110 Pounds, Battery Included
BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Storage Cases Jewelry Organizer Bag for Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet
YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4 Waterproof Nylon with Zipper for Men & Women, Black
JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes, Luggage Organizers with Shoe Bag (Cream)
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BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Storage Cases Jewelry Organizer Bag for Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet
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